Different Designs of Waterfall Mixer Tap

my favourite waterfall mixer tap design

Here are some fantastic designs of
Waterfall Mixer taps

classic waterfall tapThis is a cool waterfall mixer tap in chrome, it doesn’t have any amazing stand out features but a massive improvement on the traditional style of mixer taps. It still has a great design and would look at home in any modern contemporary bathroom.

glass waterfall tap design


This is a truly magnificent style of waterfall faucet, the addition of the glass tube design really sets this one apart from the rest. I think the design of the angles on this tap are a really cool touch as well, the angles of the handle and the spout seem to flow really well.

built in design of waterfall tap


This is a more minimalist design of faucet, its built in design and wide thin spout really adds a sense of style and the handles seem to nod to the past slightly but still in a some what modern way. This spout design will also allow you some storage space on top for soaps or sponges.

an led waterfall mixer faucet

This glass design mixer tap is also lit up with LED lights, you also have the option to change the colour of the light as well to match your mood or bathroom decor. I am not too sure on the square design of this tough and think it would have been much better with more curves.

my favourite waterfall mixer tap design


This is by far my favourite design, the rising curve almost looks like a wave and the brushed silver finish really sets it off, i still think they could have done more with the taps though, they look a little plane.